Arie Nol Auto Center

Our mission is to repair and maintain vehicles while offering our customer a positive experience. Our goal is to create a lifelong client by exhibiting respect, friendliness, and striving to meet or exceed the customer's expectation. As an automotive repair facility, we first have to achieve the goal of quality repairs.  We create an environment that focuses on the customer's needs,  teamwork and a positive work environment which gives everyone the ability to do what needs to be done to meet the needs of our customers. We operate on the premise that smiling and welcoming someone to your business improves their day and sets the stage for further interaction.


Bykerk Landscape Management, Inc.

At Bykerk Landscape Management, Inc., our main goal is to honor God and give him the glory and praise. As a company, we seek to commit to the well-being of all employees and clients, and to be faithful in sharing our blessings with those in need. We provide Celebrated Service by being guided by the Word of God and Christ's example. This means serving our co-workers, clients, community, and creation humbly and with love and care. 


Fry Nation

Fry Nation creates and serves amazing french fries and chicken wings. Our fries are cut fresh daily and covered in a variety of amazing toppings. We strive to make every experience at Fry Nation perfect, starting with being greeted by a smiling, friendly face. After ensuring that your order is exactly how you wanted, it's made  in front you and served hot and fresh. Every time. That's our simple formula for delivering celebrated service to our customers.


Gus’s Original

Gus's Original serves the Greater Grand Rapids area with gourmet pizzas and sandwiches all baked in a stone oven. Our motto is "simply delicious", meaning sourcing as many products that are preservative and additive free. We deliver Celebrated Service by going the extra mile to ensure each and every customer has a great experience in a timely manner. This includes the way our staff interacts with each customer as well as the highest quality and freshest ingredients.


Jaku Sushi

Jaku Sushi loves our customers and are absolutely thrilled to make their days more enjoyable and delicious by offering honest, healthy food and family-like customer service. We're a modern family-friendly sushi restaurant focused on providing the best possible service and the highest quality of ingredients there is to offer. Our goal as a restaurant is to make that special connection with customers not only with our food but also with our service. We treat our customers like family so they can feel welcomed at Jaku anytime they come in. 


Mary Free Bed Rehabilitation Hospital

We have the privilege of helping patients and families re-build their lives after serious illness or injury. It’s extremely meaningful work to live our mission of “restoring hope and freedom through rehabilitation.” Employees are empowered to provide extraordinary care and customer service that help patients heal physically, cognitively and emotionally. Our hallmark is a unique combination of excellent clinical care and a remarkable culture. We treat with our hands and heal with our hearts.


Nantucket Baking Co.

Nantucket Baking Co. is a committed team of talented individuals who provide superior quality breads, pastries, cakes, and service. Our goal is to provide all of our customers with an unparalleled product and experience. We also provide our family of employees with a respectful and positive work environment where everyone is equal. We teach our team to go above and beyond for our guests and to always be willing to give an extra effort to satisfy our customers' wishes.

GR SchulerBooks.png

Schuler Books & Music

The largest independent book seller in Michigan, Schuler Books & Music has featured a wide array of books, music, gifts, and a full service café for 36 years! At Schuler, we always put the customer first, actually walking them to a requested section or book rather than just pointing out directions. We like to take that extra step to make sure the customer is wowed and gets exactly what they came in for. Both our store and café feature seating for relaxing, fireplaces and welcoming atmosphere. We want out customers to feel comfortable spending time here; like a second living and dining room!


Vault of Midnight

Vault of Midnight's prime directive is to provide our customers with a unique and remarkable shopping experience that confounds the expectations of what is typically associated with a comic shop; to act as ambassadors for all things geeky and to present our wares as the awesome, fun, and universally accessible pieces of entertainment that they are. We offer world-class customer service by catering to each and every one of our guests - from the comic book beginner to the seasoned pro.  We strive to make our space welcoming and fun for all, and the connections staff make with our customers are lasting and personal. 


Veenstra’s Garage

At Veenstra's Garage, we strive to become the best version of ourselves corporately and individually by listening to our customers and focusing on their wants and needs. Much of what we do at Veenstra's Garage revolves around our values of integrity and relationship. What our customers experience with us is an accurate system to address problems the first time. We do this to develop trust with our customers for the long-term and so that we can be proud of our service at the end of the week. Ultimately we know that our customers are why we're here and we desire to develop long-term relationship based upon established mutual trust.