Anytime Fitness Haslett

Anytime Fitness is a brand dedicated to inspiring people to better health through support, education and a safe and welcoming environment. Our goal is make a unique experience for our members.  We truly want our members to reach their goals.  We understand it's not easy for everybody to make health and fitness a priority, but with our knowledge and unmatched resources we can help to make it easier. 


Ayers Basement Systems

Ayers Basement Systems is a waterproofing and foundation repair contractor based in Lansing, Michigan, but serving most of the lower peninsula. Since 1981, when Virgil Ayers started the company with a secondhand van and a shed, our mission statement has been, "Just Do the Right Thing." We have built a reputation of leaving homes cleaner than they were when we started - difficult when you're dealing with wet basements - and continue to spend each day trying to "wow" our customers. We do this by hiring great people and providing them the training and resources to take pride in their work; this creates a ripple effect that takes care of our customers.


Blondie’s Barn

Blondie's Barn is a family owned and operated restaurant offering breakfast and lunch, 7 days a week. We define Celebrated Service by prioritizing the community that we serve, and with traditions like free meals on Thanksgiving, aim to give back to our community in any way that we can. 


For Crepe Sake

For Crepe Sake is an American Cafe steeped in French Tradition offering both sweet and savory crepes. For Crepe Sake offers affordable meals, excellent service, and delicious entrees to people with varying dietary needs.  We celebrate the fact that we can provide delicious options that everyone can enjoy together.

LAN Good Truckin' Diner_.jpg

Good Truckin’ Diner

We are a 28 seat diner located in REO town that serves breakfast and lunch daily. Everything is homemade with as many local ingredients as possible.  We focus on providing quick service and great food in a down to earth, fun vibe.  We donate to tons of foundations each year, along with supporting and donating to community events. We are also working towards becoming a green (eco-friendly) restaurant.


Haslett Animal Hospital

Haslett Animal Hospital is a full-service veterinary medical hospital that seeks to provide the best possible veterinary care. Compassionate customer service is at the center of our values as a small business. We pride ourselves on our passion for serving our community's animals and pet owners with both remarkable health care and friendliness.  

LAN Brian Carlin, DDS Family Dentistry_Okemos.jpg

Okemos Dental

Okemos Dental is a team of highly skilled people in the field of dentistry. Our staff is friendly, compassionate, patient, and non-judgemental. We provide Celebrated Service by making our clients feel right at home, where they can trust that they will be getting the high quality of service they expect. Your oral health is important to us, but so is your comfort - so, we work just as hard to make sure that your experience is pleasant.


Premier Rehabilitation

Premiere Rehabilitation provides excellent physical therapy services to help our clients get better, faster, and to achieve their maximum quality of life. We seek to create an exceptional customer experience that exceeds our clients' and their families' expectations. We aim to deliver exceptional physical therapy services by providing a calm and friendly environment to aid and comfort during the healing process. Our staff is always friendly and uplifting from the moment a patient walks into the clinic and until the patient leaves. As a business we truly care about the well being of patient as well as the community as a whole.  


Strange Matter Coffee

Our mission is to provide the finest coffee through a commitment to knowledge, skill, and service.  Our beverages are infused with a savvy understanding of single origin coffees and brewing moxie that brings a modest coffee seed to the keen palate. We also serve customers high quality specialty teas and have our own in-house bakery which makes fresh-baked morning pastries and doughnuts, including vegan and gluten-free options.


The Avenue Cafe

The Avenue is a unique and original x, restaurant, arcade, and music venue. We have a friendly, fun-loving staff that will always try to make you feel at home.  It's important to us that each customer feels a sense of inclusiveness and comfort when they walk in the door. We strive to make every person feel comfortable and believe all great drinks and food should be served with positive vibes and attentiveness.