B's Music Shop

B's Music Shop offers a wide array of musical instruments, vinyl records, and education to our customers in order to create a community that fosters a love of music and creates new musicians every day. We connect people through music and offer our expertise to help people achieve their musical dreams. B's Music Shop defines celebrated service with our readiness to share our knowledge with others no matter their experience level. The world of music can be very intimidating to someone just entering it and we work hard to make it easy and fun. Creating an accessible, low barrier entry into music is a big way we are able to provide celebrated service to the community.

Dog Central_500.jpg

Dog Central

 Dog Central in Mt. Pleasant offers a custom-made hot dog and top quality ingredients, combined with a lively atmosphere and open kitchen design. During the day, we have a family-friendly, casual hot dog restaurant, and by night we have an upbeat, lively, social hot dog shop filled with hundreds of college students. Dog Central we recognize that we are not only in the hot dog business; we're also in the people business and exceptional customer service starts as soon as our guests approach our door and continues until they've gotten into their car. From cleanliness to friendliness, from our restaurant to our mobile hot dog cart on your street corner - we strive for not just a satisfied guest, but strive to create life-long customers that rave about our hot dogs and customer service.


Dube Dental

Dube Dental is a general dental practice focused on offering individualized care in a pleasant and comfortable environment. Each customer, as soon as they walk through the door, will be greeted with a smile, told a few bad dental jokes, and leave with a sparkling smile of their own. We define Celebrated Service by focusing on giving amazing care to every patient. Not only will we treat your oral health, but we want to listen to you and improve your health as a whole. We want to continually serve our clients and our community through education and outreach. 

MP Hall of Heroes LLC.jpg

Hall of Heroes LLC

The goal of The Hall of Heroes has always been to serve the comic and pop culture collectible enthusiast with a place that they can explore their passion. Whether you are into graphic novels, monthly releases, discovering that sought after novelty, or just curious, The Hall of Heroes is here to serve. We define celebrated service by going above and beyond for our customers. If we don't have what you're looking for, we'll order it, track it down, or find someone who can. Better service doesn't always mean we make a sale - but if our customer is happy, then so are we. 


Intricate Decor Tattooing

For the last 24 years, Intricate Decor has been Central Michigan's premier body modification studio. With over 45 years of combined tattoo experience and 11+ years piercing experience, Intricate Decor offers the highest quality work and best experience around. We deliver Celebrated Service by making sure each design for every client fits their standards. We are also active in the community, with fundraisers and events yearly. 


Mount Pleasant Hot Yoga

At Mount Pleasant Hot Yoga we promote a non-intimidating atmosphere where people leave all external pulls, expectations, and judgements to allow for a mental release and physical refreshment of the mind and body. For us, we believe creating a safe atmosphere where our members can return on a daily basis to enjoy their connection with their body and breathe is the true celebration! 

MP Ponder Coffee Company.jpg

Ponder Coffee Company

At Ponder Coffee Company, our mission is to offer a memorable craft coffee experience that cultivates thoughtful engagement with the whole story of coffee. Our ethos is really just to treat people like people.  It's no small thing to be human, and we serve everyone with the dignity, respect, and kindness that all people deserve regardless of income, race, gender, etc.  We work with integrity and believe it's integral to celebrated service.


RK Water Store, LLC

The RK Water Store, LLC is here to bring clean, purified drinking water to the Mt. Pleasant area in hopes to promote a healthier lifestyle. We define Celebrated Service by treating customers with respect just as we would like to be treated. We promise to go out of our way to fix a problem in whatever way possible - with a smile and a thank you!


Salon Blu

Salon Blu is a full service salon and spa committed to the highest level of customer service and expertise.  Our goal is to share with you an environment of warmth and relaxation where you leave the stress of the day at the door and a place to renew your spirit. Good customer service is what sets us apart from other businesses of our kind. We provide celebrated service by meeting the wants and needs of all our clients in a friendly manner, and handling any issues with customer satisfaction.

MP Taco Boy.jpg

Taco Boy

The main goal of Taco Boy has always been to provide the best quality homemade food at competitive prices. We always work hard to ensure your visits with us are enjoyable. We deliver celebrated service by treating our customers like family - with smiling faces as soon as you walk in the door and reaching out to community businesses to keep the good fight going!