BananaDog, LLC

At BananaDog Tea, tea is very personal to us and we hope we can make it a special experience for our customers as well. We sell organic and fair trade loose leaf tea, specialty tea drinks, healthy smoothies and vegan and gluten free snacks. We provide Celebrated Service by treating customers the way we would want to be treated. That means being genuine, polite, helpful, and most of all - we listen to them like they are the most important person in our lives at the moment. 

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Fatty Lumpkins

Fatty Lumpkins Sandwich Shack specializes in the art of good food and quality service, providing what we hope is both a memorable and comfortable experience.  We strive to impact our community in a positive way through relationships, engagement, and a simple presence being part of the community we do business in. Fatty Lumpkins hopes to deliver  celebrated service by consistently providing quality products and friendly, thoughtful interactions with our patrons. 


Lakeshore Animal Hospital

The Lakeshore Animal Hospital is a full-service small veterinary hospital that provides healthcare for a dogs, cats, rabbits, ferrets and pocket pets! At Lakeshore Animal Hospital we treat the whole pet, never just a health condition or symptom.  Our clients are our friends and we value their continued trust. We work with each of our clients to ensure that they understand their pets' medical conditions, so that TOGETHER we can make the best decisions for your pet. We treat every client like family and every pet as if they were our own!


Lakeside Café

At Lakeside Café, our mission is to serve affordable, fresh, delicious food at a value that is second to none. Every day we strive to serve the best product, and to listen to compliments and complaints. How we deal with mistakes is what makes us stand out from other restaurants, and how we continually improve on our Celebrated Service. 

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Lakeside Emporium

At Lakeside Emporium, we want to provide a pleasant, comfortable, and enjoyable experience for people of all ages and walks of life. We strive to treat everyone like a beloved member of our family, whether it's their first visit or they are a weekly regular. Every day, we strive for celebrated serice through small, meaningful interactions with our patrons. We try to cheerfully greet each and every person as they enter, we thank everyone as they leave (purchase or not) and give exemplary service no matter the size of the purchase. 


Mr. B’s Pancake House

Mr. B's is a family owned business that has been around since 1974, serving breakfast, brunch, and lunch! We define Celebrated Service as making a change in someone's day. Our goal at Mr. B's is to make sure that every person who walks in our doors walks out with a smile. We strive to make sure our guest feel more like family rather than just another face.


Mr. Quick

Mr. Quick wants to be a leader in customer service while offering a diverse menu to choose from. Mr. Quick is proud to be a Muskegon original; striving to create a positive memorable dining experience and traditions that extend from one generation to the next. We belive in more than just handing out the order. We deliver Celebrated Service by learning our customers' order and having it ready before they walk in the door, getting to know our customers on a first name basis, and acknowledging that everyone who comes to our restaurant is more than an order being placed.

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Pigeon Hill Brewing Company

Pigeon Hill Brewing Company is a community-centric craft brewery proudly located in downtown Muskegon. We created our business with a focus on three principles: Tradition, Community, and Great Beer. At Pigeon Hill, we are constantly focused on creating an environment where people of all ages can look forward to passing time with us. Whether they are tourists or locals, we want our patrons to share in our passion for our beer and taproom experience, and we want to create a lasting relationship with them that invites them to come back soon. Of course, our emphasis on customer service also extends outside of our taproom; it includes creating lasting relationships with our suppliers, distributors, and all of the Michigan businesses and events that we interact with. We intentionally built a taproom with no TVs.  Plentiful board games, and areas of communal seating, inspired by early American "town gathering halls"


Steak 'N Egger

Steak 'N Egger is a locally owned breakfast and lunch restaurant that has been serving Muskegon since 1977. We strive to provide a great dining experience to locals and tourists alike by serving classic American comfort food. We deliver Celebrated Service every day to every customer who walks through the door - whether you are a regular  we see multiple times a week (or day!) or it is your first visit, you will be greeted by our friendly staff, some who have worked at Steak 'N Egger for almost 20 years. We provide fast and friendly service to give all customers the best dining experience possible with the goal of everyone leaving with a full stomach and wanting to return again soon. We love seeing families return here each week or every summer on their vacation, watching their kids grow, and genuinely getting to know them as people, rather than just customers.

The Rec Room

The Rec Room is a unique place for all of your health and fitness needs, providing you with all of the latest sports supplements and vitamins, handcrafted smoothies and protein shakes, and more! We provide Celebrated Service by striving to  treat everyone that walks in the front door like family. We take the time to listen to our customers' goals and get them on the right track while making sure they feel comfortable with their health journey.